Becoming an Odyssey of the Mind Coach will probably be one of the most rewarding volunteer roles you will ever have.

By becoming a coach you will have the opportunity to work with a team of 7 kids to facilitate creative problem solving, team building and brainstorming. You do not need to be an expert in a particular area, you just need to have a passion to see kids grow and learn.

Coaches facilitate the team’s needs (meeting place, transportation, review of program rules, etc), but the students do all the work!  The coach keeps the team on task, encourages them to be creative and work as a team, but does not provide assistance to the solution of the problem.

More detailed guidance will be sent as part of the membership package and program guide once the national membership dues are paid. As a coach, you will be honored and entertained while keeping your team on track.  Teams tend to meet a couple of hours once every 1 or 2 weeks in the fall, then may increase the time or frequency as the tournament nears.

Depending on individual schedules, it may be appropriate to have to people share the job of head coach. Some responsibilities of the head coach include:

  • Meet with students to guide them in the solution of their Odyssey of the Mind problem.
  • Attend the statewide required coaches’ meeting.
  • Provide a meeting place such as a basement, garage, patio, sun porch, etc. where the team members can work to solve the problem.
  • Have access to a truck or van for prop transport and delivery.
  • Provide snacks.

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