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IE OM Kids Working
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Odyssey Goes Virtual
for the 2020-21 Season
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IE OM Kids Working
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Odyssey of the Mind is an international educational program that provides creative problem-solving opportunities for students from kindergarten through college. Team members apply their creativity to solve problems that range from building mechanical devices to presenting their own interpretation of literary classics. They then bring their solutions to competition on the local, state, and World level. Thousands of teams from throughout the U.S. and from about 25 other countries participate in the program.

“Creative thinking, in its purest form, is thinking outside the lines of “conventional” reasoning. When considering this, it should be no huge shock that a messy room containing items misplaced from their “conventional” locations would promote creativity. ” (Elite Daily

Odyssey Goes Virtual for 2020-21 Season with TWO Membership Options

This season Odyssey of the Mind HQ is excited to announce that there is now TWO memberships to groups to pick from. Choose the one that fits your groups situation.

Traditional Membership

This membership allows for one team per problem and division as qualified.  In SoCal all Regional and State Association Tournaments will be held online due to the current health and safety conditions. These teams can advance to an in-person World Finals, when safe and legal.  If not deemed safe and legal, an online World Finals will be provided for the Traditional memberships.  Once a team competes in a competition, under its chosen platform (Traditional or Virtual),  it is limited to that platform for the rest of the membership year.

Single Traditional Membership – $135 

and you must be sponsored by:

  • Individual Schools
  • More than 1 School Sharing Principal -register in school district name
  • Homeschools
  • Community Groups
  • College/University

Virtual Membership

This membership will allow anyone, including a school or community group, to form one team of up to 7 team members to compete in a Virtual online competition*. The team will select the problem and the division will be assigned as usual using the grade levels of the team members. Team members DO NOT have to attend the same school, but every team member needs to be a student. These teams will attend a Regional tournament and have the opportunity to advance to a Virtual Association Finals and the Virtual World Finals. Virtual members will have an opportunity to switch to a Traditional Membership with a deadline TBD. If a team decides to switch then they will have to qualify under one of the groups identified under the Traditional Membership. Once a team competes in a competition, under its chosen platform (Traditional or Virtual),  it is limited to that platform for the rest of the membership year.

Single Team Virtual Membership – $100

Problem Synopsis

Take a look at the creative challenges waiting for teams for the 2020-21 Season.

Problems this year have been designed for both Traditional Membership Tournaments, and Virtual Tournaments.   

Printable copy of the Problem Synopsis